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We use Google Analytics on our site to track anonymous site traffic statistics. This helps us decide what is working in the website and what is not and is used purely for future improvement. We DO NOT track your visits to sell to advertisers and the information we gather is always anonymous, save from an unidentifiable tracking code that tells us if you’ve previously visited the site, or if you are a new visitor.
We may use Third Party interactive widgets on the site to promote cross-sharing of content on other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. These third party sites may or may not use cookies that we have little to no control over, however by browsing the site and/or using these widgets, it is assumed that your content is given for these services to track your usage, as you have to sign up to these services to use them, thereby agreeing to such usage. We take no responsibility or liability for any such Third Party cookies, used in whatever way they deem appropriate, when used within the boundaries of our site.
By browsing and using our site, including any Third Party widget-based functionality (such as Like buttons, Follow buttons or Pin This buttons), you agree to any cookies being saved to your computer and hereby absolve Corstorphine Pram Centre Ltd from any liability for the future use of any such identifying data by Third Parties or otherwise.
If you have any questions about privacy or the Corstorphine Pram Centre Ltd privacy policy then please contact us via email at

Privacy and Security

At Corstorphine Pram Centre we respect your privacy and do our utmost to protect your details. When placing an order with us in our store you may submit personal information such as your name, phone number, postal address, credit card details, email address and baby due date.This information will be kept securely in accordance with out internal security policy and would only ever be used to:

  1. Process your order
  2. Contact you with regards to your order

We  will never sell your details to anyone, nor use them without your consent to contact you. In some circumstances your details will be given to a third party with your consent for the purposes of delivering an order or processing a repair.