January & February Lockdown Services

Everyone at Corstorphine Pram Centre wishes all of you the very best during this difficult time and we miss being able to meet our local pregnant ladies in person. We keep finding ourselves saying “It is what it is”, and the restrictions are clearly remaining in place for the foreseeable future. However, even though we have to keep our doors locked we are still here every day to make sure we can help when you need us.

We have been guiding families in the area for over 50 years and we are not going to stop now, especially when some of you may need us the most. It is difficult enough to work out what you need for a new baby when you can at least visit stores, so trying to make decisions is even harder when you can’t just sit down with someone and talk it through and touch and feel the products.

We know how difficult this time of your life can be, and you are welcome to get in touch with us for any guidance or advice that you need, no matter how small the query is…please do not be shy!

You can reach us on info@pramcentre.net or by a Facebook message. You can also call us on (0131) 334 6216 during normal store opening hours.

We have been taking in deliveries continually during lockdown and we have plenty of stock should you be needing your essentials in a hurry, but we are more interested in helping you first instead of chasing sales. During our 53 years we have helped tens and tens and tens of thousands of people get ready for baby’s arrival – trusted advice for local families is what we do best and it is why generation after generation have talked to us during their pregnancy.

It may feel like it sometimes during lockdown, but you are not alone. We have become very good listeners over the years…

Stay well and stay sane…you have got this and you are doing great xx

Current Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday – 9am to 5.30pm